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Privacy Policy

Here, at UK Essay Writers, we take matters of security and protection of personal information very seriously. As part of our aim of delivering the best academic writing help service we take all necessary measures to ensure that the anonymity of all of our clients is maintained with the highest level of security.

We have a stringent privacy policy in place to govern the way we manage your private information. It is to ensure that no client’s information is ever revealed to any unauthorised persons. It is highly recommended to take time out to read the privacy policy detailed below. Utilising any of our services is a direct indication that the user has read and agreed to all of our policies.

Also note that it is the responsibility of the client to keep themselves updated with our policy changes, which will be posted on the website as soon as the changes have been made.

Accumulating or collecting of information: To ensure the highest levels of security, routinely security checks are carried out and customers are periodically asked to submit information such as their usernames, email addresses or even passwords.

Protection of private information: As stated in the Data Protection Act, we do not share any client’s personal information with any third party persons or otherwise unless required by the Law.

Collecting information regarding visits on the website: We track and store customer’s IP addresses and content that they view in order to provide more customised and relevant services.

Communicating information on products and services: We have a wide range of products and services, all of which are available to customers on our website. We may use modes of communication such as phone calls, fax, SMS or emails; as indicated by the customer; in order to provide information regarding discounts and seasonal offers.

Access to personal information: Although no information provided by any client is disclosed to any other third party, clients can access their own personal logs. To do this customers must send an email regarding the same to our legal department and go through our security check to ensure the highest level of security of the client's’ information.


UK Essay Writers wishes to inform all our customers that our products are solely intended for academic aid and fully expect our clients to make their own modifications before submission. Furthermore, no client is authorised to turn-in work that they accredit to themselves.